Access to Care

Access to Care Standards

Access to Care standards differ by the TRICARE program assigned to each patient.

TRICARE Prime beneficiaries are entitled to the following access to care standards with 32 CFR 199.17(p)(5)(ii):

If the clinic is not able to meet these access standards, they will offer you a referral to a TRICARE civilian network provider.

These standards also apply to our civilian TRICARE Prime enrolled beneficiaries with civilian network PCMs.

Beneficiaries not enrolled in TRICARE Prime will be seen on a space available basis.

Office Waiting Times: 32 CFR 199.17(p)(5)(ii) states that office waiting times in non-emergency circumstances shall not exceed 30 minutes, except when emergency care is being provided to patients and the normal office schedule is disrupted. If you have been waiting more than 30 minutes, please inform the front desk staff.