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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Family Practice - Pharmacy - Nutrition Care Division - Nutrition at the Wellness Center -

 Disease Management Clinic - Preventive Medicine

Category: Family Practice Clinic    (Return to top)

What is a Primary Care Manager (PCM)?  A Primary Care Manager (PCM) may be a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant.  Your PCM is your first person to go to for care.  If you have not met your PCM, we encourage you to schedule a  check up visit so you can get to know each other.

 How Do I make an appointment with my PCM? We will try to make all your appointments, especially routine appointments with your PCM.  However, this may not always be possible. To make an appointment with your PCM, call Tri West at 264-5000.  You may also leave a phone message for your PCM by calling our clinic at 524-4068 or 4069.

What if I want to change my PCM?  If you wish to change your PCM, contact the TRICARE Service Center in our hospital.  This can only be done on a space available basis.

What are my responsibilities as a patient? To help our practitioners do the best job for all our patients, we ask you to please:

Arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time.  This helps the clerks and nurses to get you ready for your practitioner on time.  If you arrive late, you may have to reschedule.

Do not bring children with you unless they have appointments.

Call to cancel appointments (at least 24 hours ahead) if you cannot make it

Remember that most appointments are 15- 20 minutes long.  When you come in, tell us first which problems are bothering you the most. That way, we can take care of important things first.   If you have many problems, ask the scheduling clerk to book you a longer appointment or two separate appointments.  

What if I am not sure whether I need to see a doctor?  Call the Nurse Advice Line (TRICARE Line for Care) at 1-888-887-4111 if you need health advice or are not sure when you need to see a doctor for your problem. It’s open 24 hours a day.

What services are offered at the Family Practice Clinic?

- Health care for all ages

- Well women care/Pap smears

available evenings also

- OB prenatal care

- Evening & weekend clinic - PACC

- Colposcopy

- Vasectomy

- Some minor surgical procedures

Other clinics at Evans US Army Hospital offer a variety of other services and procedures.

Who do I call if I have a question or concern?  If you have questions or concerns about our Clinic, call the Head Nurse, Clinic NCOIC or Clinic OIC.  They are all available through the Front Desk at 524-4068/9.

 How can I get a pregnancy test?  You can go to the lab and have a pregnancy test done without an appointment.

 What do I do if I become sick when traveling out of town?  If you get sick while traveling out of town, you can call the Nurse Advice Line at 1888-887-4111, if they determine that you need emergent care than you can go to the closest ER . You do not need prior authorization for an Emergency room visit, however you have to report your visit to your PCM within 24 hours.

Primary Care Phone Numbers

 Appointments/TriWest: 457-2273

 Family Practice Clinic: 524-4068

 Labor & Delivery: 526-7090

 When are well baby visits given?  Well baby visits are usually at

     2 weeks of age

     2, 4, 6, 12 and 18 months of age

It is your responsibility to make these appointments.

When are children age 2-18 required to have physicals?  Colorado does not require school physicals, they do require immunizations. Physicals are required for sports, camp and some colleges.

 We encourage physicals before Kindergarten entry.

 We offer sports, camp and Kindergarten physicals every summer. 

If you wish you may schedule a routine medical exam for your child at any time.  

Category: Pharmacy       (Return to top)

Recently, the Pharmacy Service has undergone significant changes. In an effort to minimize confusion and to help our patients get their prescriptions filled the following are some of the frequently asked questions and concerns our patients have.

 Which Pharmacy should I use to get my prescription filled ? This depends on where your primary care provider (PCM) is. For those patients whose PCM is located in one of the military medical treatment facilities, you should get all your prescriptions filled at the Main Outpatient Pharmacy. If your PCM is located in the community, you must take your prescriptions to the Commissary Pharmacy.

 So how do I get my refills? Prescription refills must be ordered in advance by using either the telephone (719) 524-4081), or online refill ordering system available on our homepage or clicking here. Refills may be picked up at either the EACH Outpatient Pharmacy or the Commissary Satellite Pharmacy.

 Why do I have to call my refills in? One of the chief complaints about the Pharmacy is the long waiting time. By calling in the refill to the automated system you allow us to be more efficient. We also can process the refills before you get here, thus minimizing your waiting time. We also now have parking spaces in the West Lot specifically for picking up your refills.

 My Primary Care Provider (PCM) here sent me to a doctor in town. I came back here to get my prescription filled and was told the pharmacy doesn’t have it. What should I do? We have an obligation to provide as much of your medication as possible. In this case the easiest thing for you to do is to contact your PCM as soon as possible. Your PCM can make special arrangements with the pharmacy to obtain the medication for you. If time is of the essence, you may also take the prescription to one of the local network pharmacies and for a small co-pay you can obtain a one month supply. Then contact your provider and they will contact us.

I’ve been on a medication for years. My doctor just reordered it. Do I pick this up at the Refill Pharmacy or the Main Pharmacy? Legally there is a difference been a refill and a renewal. The easiest way to tell them apart (and where to pick them up) depends on who ordered the medication. If you called the Pharmacy then it is a refill that you would pick up at the Refill Pharmacy. If you contacted the provider or the clinic, this will be a renewal. By law, these are handled just like new prescriptions (because they are), regardless of how long you have been on the medication. In this case you pick the medication up at the Main Pharmacy.

 Where can I get information about my medication? For any medication information, just ask one the pharmacists. They will be glad to answer any of your questions.

 I take an herbal product. Should I tell my PCM or Pharmacist? They’re just natural products right?  Herbal products may act or interact with many prescription medications. Some herbal products have a pronounced effect, sometimes very dangerous wh2n taken with prescription medication. It is important to remember that many of the medications we have today were originally from plants and animals. Because of this, it is extremely important that you tell your provider and your pharmacist if you are taking any herbal products, or any other non-prescription medication.

Nutrition Care Division  (Return to top)

Do I need to have a consult to see the dietitian?  Cholesterol, Weight Management  and Diabetes classes for  Active Duty, Family Members and Retirees,  do not require a consult.  All other nutrition related diagnoses need to have a consult prior to scheduling the appointment through TRIWEST.

How do I schedule an appointment to see a dietitian?  All appointments are scheduled through TRIWEST. If you encounter any difficulties, call the Nutrition Care Division directly by calling 526-7290.

How do I schedule nutrition education classes for my unit? Call the Wellness Center Dietitian at 526-4216.

I’m assigned to another unit on post, can I eat at the hospital dining facility? The hospital dining facility is open to everyone, however all soldiers not on separate rations are required to have both their military ID card and their issued meal card with them.  Without these items, these soldiers will have to pay cash for their meals.

What are the dining facility hours?

Monday through Friday........................................ Weekends/Holidays

          Breakfast 0600-0830............................................... 0600-0730

Lunch 1100- 1400    (Satellite Cart 1000-1400).......... 1130-1300

          Dinner 1600-1730................................................... 1600-1730

Who should I call if I have any questions?

General Information – 526-7290

Chief, Nutrition Care  526-7968

NCOIC  526-7290

Asst. Chief/Chief, Production and Service 526- 7969

Asst NCOIC/NCOIC Production and Service 526-7290                

Chief, Clinical Dietetics 526-7971

Nutrition Services Offered at the Wellness Center    (Return to top)

Services offered:  All appointments should be booked through Tri-West @ 526-5000.  No consults needed to make group or an individual appointment.

Group Education


Active Duty Weight Control

Session #1 on 1st and 3rd Mondays at 0930 –1100 hrs

Session # 2 on 2nd and 4th Monday @ 0939-1100 hrs

Soldier needs to bring endorsement 5 to the class


Civilian Weight Control

2nd Monday @ 1300-1400 hrs.  For DOD Civilians, retiree or dependent


Cholesterol Management Class

2nd and 4th Tuesday @ 0930- 1030 hrs


Taping Certification Class

1st Tuesday @ 0930-1100 hrs


Basic Nutrition and Exercise

3rd Tuesday @ 0930-1030 hrs


Sports Nutrition

1st Wednesday @ 0930-1030 hrs


Hypertension Diet

4th Wednesday @ 0930-1000 hrs


Nutrition – Smoking Cessation Class

Taught in conjunction with Smoking Cessation Program


Civilian Wellne ss Program

Teach basics of healthy at the beginning of the program

Brown-bag lunch nutrition session – follow-up on lifestyle changes

Contact Ms. Ensman for program dates


Healthy Cooking Classes

1st and 3rd Friday @ 1100-1200 hrs


Individual Appointments:  Clients can make individual appointment with the dietitian for advance meal planning/ counseling or for follow-up care.


Installation Menu Board Meetings/ advisor to Post Dining Facility:  Attend monthly installation menu board meetings held on 3rd Tuesday @ 0900-1100 hrs at Elkhorn Conference Hall


Child Development Inspections


Health Fairs

Coordinate National Nutrition Month (March) health fair

Participate in various health fairs as directed by the Director of MPWC


Nutrition Classes upon request to units on post, civilian groups, post services, etc.


Disease Management Clinic  (Return to top)

 How do I get care in Disease Management Clinic for Diabetes or Asthma?  Initially you must be referred to the Clinic by your Primary Care Manager (your doctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant).  Then you will make appointments directly with the DMC by calling 526-7022.

 Where is the Disease Management Clinic?   It is behind the EENT (Eye) Clinic on 2nd floor.  Go to the end of hallway D and turn right.  The entrance door is next to the water fountain.

 Care for Diabetes

What care is available in the Disease Management Clinic?

A thorough interview with you evaluates your present nutrition, exercise, and medication needs.  Education is provided to assist you in managing your diabetes.  Consults for ophthalmology, podiatry, nutrition, or other specialists are made as needed.  Routine follow up is done to evaluate control of your Diabetes Mellitus.

 I have been referred to the DMC.  Are you replacing my Primary Care Provider?  No, your primary provider has asked for assistance in helping you understand diabetes, adjust medications and learn how to keep a healthy life style.  Sometimes having more time to understand and plan is what it takes to manage diabetes and minimize complications.  It is important to see your Primary care provider at least every 6 months.

 I have an appointment in the DMC for diabetes.  What do I need to bring?  If you have been asked to do laboratory studies try to do them several days prior to your appointment so they will be completed by that day.  Come 15 minutes early and if you are monitoring your blood sugar bring your machine (or logbook).  Bring a list of your medications.  We will already have your Medical Record if it is available.  Please try to call at least 24 hours in advance when you need to cancel an appointment.

 I’m being seen in the DMC.  How do I get supplies and prescriptions for my Diabetes Management?

  • If you have refills left you may call the pharmacy and give them your prescription number.

  • If you have no refills, you may call the clinic (526-7022) and we can enter new orders for diabetic medications and monitor supplies.  Please plan ahead to allow 72 hours for this process to be sure you don’t run out of medication or supplies.

 Are there classes on Diabetes?  Yes, they are repeated several times a month on Monday and Thursday morning.  Plan to attend one Monday and one Thursday class, from 0800 to 1100.  To register you may call the DMC at 526-7022.  Topics included are: An explanation of Diabetes Mellitus, its complications, controlling blood sugars, nutrition, medicines, sick day care, etc.  A specific meal plan based on your likes and needs is provided.

 How do I get a Glucometer for checking my blood sugar at home?  You will need 2 prescriptions from your Primary Care Provider (either handwritten or entered into the computer).  One will be for your supplies and you will pick them up at the pharmacy.  Bring the second prescription (for the monitor/machine) to the DMC with your supplies.  You will be provided with a monitor and shown how to use it.

 Is there a Web site for information about Diabetes?

  • The American Diabetic Association site is

  • They have good information about diabetes and also some of the current diabetes research.

 Care for Asthma or Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Distress

 I think someone in my family may have asthma.  How can I get help to manage it?   Anyone can be referred by his Primary Care Provider in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics or Emergency room providers.  We will confer with your PCM after your visit to make decisions about whether follow up appointments are needed.

 How can I get a new spacer for my inhalers or a peak flow meter?  Go to the Disease Management Clinic and tell them what you need.  If you have a prescription bring it.  You will be shown how to use this equipment properly.

 Are there classes on Asthma?  Yes they are usually on the last Monday of the month at 2 PM.   Information you will receive: general information about asthma: medications used to treat asthma (when and how to use them), and equipment used to monitor asthma.  To enroll call 526-7022. 

If I go to asthma class do I need to be seen in the DMC also? It is recommended.  The DMC providers will individualize your drug regimen as well as work with you to make a personalized asthma action plan.  The asthma class reviews general information on asthma.

Preventive Medicine (Return to top)

What are the Preventive Medicine Department’s (PMD) hours? Duty hours are 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday-Friday except for holidays.  For Occupational Health hours click HERE.  Call 719.526.2939 for assistance.

Where is PMD you located? On Building 2059, corner of Magrath Ave. and Yano St., Fort Carson, CO.

What services does PMD provide? Occupational Health, Army Public Health Nursing, Epidemiology & Disease Control, Environmental Health, Industrial Hygiene, Biological and Chemical Surety, Hearing Program, and Radiation Safety.  Services also provided in other outlying areas.  Contact Us for details.

Who does PMD provide services to? Active duty soldiers, DA civilians assigned to the Civilian Personnel Administration Center at Fort Carson, dependents, and retirees.

Do I need an appointment to access Preventive Medicine services? Appointments are required in some clinics; please call 719.526.2939 for more information.

For more information, visit the Preventive Medicine Department web site.