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Dugway Proving Grounds Health Clinic



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After hours and weekends, services may be limited only to ambulance transport to the nearest medical facility.



Aid station in the Ditto Test Area is staffed during the work week. Available only to employees working in the West Desert Test Center (WDTC). Others should report to the Health Clinic in English Village.

Active Duty personnel and family members at DPG are eligible for Tricare Prime Remote, and should establish routine medical care with a Tricare-approved practitioner in the region. DA Civilians are treated for Occupational Health issues and emergencies only. TDY Civilians need to have travel orders and proof of insurance or must pay at time of service. On-the-job injuries will be handled through Workers’ Compensation.


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Building 5116


Dugway Proving Grounds

5116 Kister Ave.

Utah 84022

Commercial: 435.831.2027

DSN: 789-2027
Fax: 435.831.2261




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