Leader's Guide


This information has been compiled to assist leaders in helping members of their unit solve individual or family issues.  If the issue appears to be too complex and you experience difficulty in determining the appropriate referral, please call Army Community Service (ACS), 526-4590, for guidance.

Table of Contents

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention & Control Program                                                      

American Red Cross (ARC)                        

Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP)

Army Community Service (ACS)                 

Army Emergency Relief (AER)                   


Child and Youth Services (CYS)                  

Civilian Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)                                                          

Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC)

Clubs and Entertainment (DCA)                 

Command Financial NCO (CFN) Program

Dental Activities

Directorate of Community Activities (DCA) 

Equal Opportunity (EO)                                                                                                     

Family Readiness Groups (FRG)                



Housing – Family Quarters                        

Inspector General (IG)                                        

Installation Volunteer Coordinator              

Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO)                                                      

Legal Services – Staff Judge Advocate (SJA)                                                                    

Lodging (Temporary)                                  

Mountain Post Training and Education Center                                                         

Mountain Post Wellness Center                   

New Parent Support Program ((NPSP) Program                                                      

Personnel Services Battalion (PSB)             

Provost Marshal Office (PMO)                    

Recreation Division (MWR)                         

Safety Office                                               

Sports Division (MWR)                                

Transportation (Installation Transportation Office)                                                         

Unit Service Coordinator (USC) Program   



ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE                        (Return to Top)



The ALCOHOL AND DRUG CONTROL OFFICE serves active duty military personnel, civilian work force, retirees, and their family members.  The ADCO supports combat readiness by providing program oversight, supervision, inspection, integration, technical assistance, and training development for the operation and management of all elements of the Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP).  The ASAP is a long-standing and time-proven personnel readiness program which will continue to be vital.   


Prevention Counselor/Education Coordinator develops and focuses on alcohol and drug prevention programs through team and coordination building.  Unit Alcohol and Drug Coordinators are trained through this program.


Biochemical Testing Program advises commanders, civilian directors and unit representatives on urinalysis collection procedures.  The program is the control point for urine samples, which are forwarded to regional drug testing laboratories.  The purpose of the Biochemical Testing Program is to eliminate drug abuse in the total Army force through deterrence of potential drug abuse and the identification and elimination of drug abusers.


COMMUNITY COUNSELING CENTER (526-2862) provides alcohol and other drug abuse evaluation and treatment for military, retired and Civil Service personnel and their family members.  Specific services include evaluations; court evaluations; urine testing; individual, group and family counseling; education; consultations with supervisors and family members; and referrals to residential treatment.  Services are free of charge.  The Center works with Tri-Care to provide a full range of services.                


Referrals are accepted from all sources.  Individuals may seek help by walking in or calling for an appointment.  Commanders are required to refer all soldiers identified as potential alcohol or other drug abusers through self- referral, police apprehension, urine testing and medical sources.  Commanders refer by preparing a DA 8003 and ensuring the soldier and DA 8003 arrive together at the Counseling Center.  Non-military clients are offered complete confidentiality unless they authorize release to another party.


The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program is located in the west wing of Building 1217 on the corner of Specker and Ellis.

AMERICAN RED CROSS (ARC)                                                                           (Return to Top)


Main Office:   Bldg. 1526, 2d floor, Rm. 272         526-2311

                   Hours:  0800-1630,  Mon - Fri


24-Hour Emergency Center:     1-877-272-7337


Hospital Volunteer Office:

Evans Army Community Hospital, Room 1801      526-7144


Health and Safety Office: (Bldg. 1526) 524-1279


Pikes Peak Chapter: 1600 N. Cascade Avenue                 632-3563


The mission of the American Red Cross’ Armed Forces Emergency Services is to provide emergency communication and assistance to the military and members of the military family.  A non-profit organization, the American Red Cross is able to accomplish its mission by the dedication of volunteers throughout the world.  Financial support is provided by direct contributions and through Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) contributions.


Primary Services:


·    Emergency communication to verify death/critical illness in the immediate family of service members and spouses.


·    Access to financial assistance after duty hours on behalf of Army Emergency Relief is given for emergency travel expenses related to death or critical illness of immediate family members, including grandparents,  and to avoid privation.

·    Emergency assistance to help recover from natural disasters is provided by the Pikes Peak Chapter.


·    Volunteer training and placement in a large variety of positions including: hospital and dental programs, casework services, secretarial, community action and volunteer leadership.


·    Training in CPR, First Aid, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Water Safety, and Babysitting is administered and provided by the Pikes Peak Chapter.  Courses are available on post.


·    Dental Assistant training and casework classes are also available on post.


Please contact the Main Office, 526-2311, to schedule unit or service organization briefings (including pre-deployment).

ARMY CAREER AND ALUMNI                                                                            (Return to Top)


Bldg. 1118, Room 133        526-1002/0640


Hours:       0730 – 1500 Mon, Tues, Wed, & Fri

                  0900 – 1630 Thurs


ARMY CAREER & ALUMNI PROGRAM (ACAP) is the initial stop in the transition process.  The program is targeted to serve all personnel leaving the Army – soldiers, DA civilians, and family members.


ACAP is the final link in the career cycle of the Army employee.  It provides tangible proof to the soldier that the Army does indeed take care for its own.


Services Provided:


·    Mandatory DOD Pre-separation Briefing using DA Pamphlet 635-4 and DOD checklist 2648.  (Phase I)


·    Comprehensive 3-day Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Course which addresses critical skills necessary for today’s difficult job market.  (Phase II)


·    Individual job counseling and assistance with resumes, cover letters, job applications, interviewing, and salary negotiations.  (Phase III)


·    Current job listings (local, national, overseas).  The computerized Interstate Job Bank system is updated weekly.


·    Defense Outplacement Referral System (DORS) – a computerized mini-resume registry and referral system providing employers with easy access to DoD personnel and their spouses who are seeking civilian employment.


·    Transition Bulletin Board (TBB) – a computerized program for information on job announcements, job fairs, and apprenticeship programs.


·    Access to ACAP’s computerized Army Employer Hot Leads Network, listing latest employer announcements in hiring Army personnel.


·    Access to numerous Internet job search sites.


·    ACAP Checklist (individual transition plan), a referral to local transition service providers (Education, ACS, JAG, Finance, V.A., etc).


ACAP is a mandatory commander’s program requiring full support from commanders and NCOs.  Timely command referral of transitioning personnel is essential so that these individuals have the opportunity to effectively utilize all training services.  Written separation or retirement orders are not required.  SOLDIERS SHALL BE REFERRED TO ACAP 180 DAYS PRIOR TO SEPARATION.


Individuals eligible for limited ACAP services: soldiers with less than 6 months active service, soldiers scheduled to transition under “Dishonorable”, “Bad Conduct”, or “Other Than Honorable” conditions.


ACAP is located  in Building 1118 on the northeast corner of Wetzel Avenue and Ellis Street.

ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE (ACS)                                                                                                                        (Return to Top)


Bldg. 1526                                    526-4590


Hours:  0730-1615 Monday-Friday


After Hours Assistance:  526-HELP


Major Programs:    Community Life/Outreach Readiness

                                 Deployment/Mobilization Readiness

                                 Family Member Employment

                                 Financial Readiness

                                 Relocation Readiness

                                 Soldier and Family Readiness

                                 Volunteer Opportunities


ACS assists soldiers and families in maintaining readiness by developing, coordinating, and delivering services promoting self-reliance, resiliency and stability.  For immediate assistance with any crisis regarding the soldier or his/her family, dial 526-HELP (24 Hours).


COMMUNITY LIFE/OUTREACH READINESS – The Fort Carson Outreach Program takes a pro-active approach to empower and enhance individual as well as family growth. 


ACT P. Saurus Pre-School: An extension of the van program which offers pre-school classes at public school sites for ages 3 through 5.  Parents must attend life skills classes while children attend pre-school.

 Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Community Forum: AFAP is a community forum to identify the issues of soldiers and their families which affect quality of life and propose solutions that build self-reliance.


Army Family Team Building (AFTB) Seminars: Improves personal and family preparedness, which enhances overall Army readiness.  AFTB provides standardized, progressive, and sequential training in three levels.


Family Readiness Group Training: The Community Life/Outreach trains Family Readiness Leaders on how to start, sustain, and maintain a Family Readiness Group.


Mayors Program: The Mayors Program seeks to improve the “Quality of Life” for those residing in government housing areas by providing a channel to inform, plan, coordinate, and direct action with and through community agencies.


Outreach Van:  ACS exports its programs and services to the community through its 32-foot  Outreach Van.  Free on site pre-school is provided for children ages 3 to 5 while parents are participating in van activities..


Welcome Visit Program: Provides personal visits for newly arrived Fort Carson families upon request.


DEPLOYMENT AND MOBILIZATION READINESS  - An ACS staff member has been assigned to each unit to serve as a liaison between the unit and ACS and to assist with deployment readiness.


FAMILY MEMBER EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE – The One Stop Employment Center provides employment information on vacancies announced throughout the community.  In addition, there are self-development courses on employment strategies, interview techniques as well as resume development. 


FAMILY OPERATIONS CENTER – The Family Operations Center (FOC) provides deployed units the opportunity for their service members to communicate with spouses and family members who have remained behind.  For more information, call 524-3636.


FINANCIAL READINESS – Provides professional counseling services to military families in the following areas: budget preparation and checkbook management classes for units; financial management; consumer education; solicitors and private business inquiries;  budget planning and debt reduction.  An appointment is required.  Assistance is provided for the following programs: 


Army Emergency Relief:  (See page 17)                         


Christmas Unlimited: A Colorado Springs agency that provides new and reconditioned toys to children twelve years and under.  Families must meet income guidelines.


Command Financial NCO (CFN) Program:  (See page 24)


Commodity Food Program:  This USDA surplus food program provides food items such as cheese, butter, peanut butter, and canned goods to income-eligible participants.

Food Stamps: Food stamps are issued by the Department of Social Services and can be used for purchases in grocery stores and commissaries. 


Holiday Food Basket Program:  Food vouchers are distributed during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to soldiers who have been identified by their unit.


Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP): Provides assistance by paying a portion of your monthly heating bill, effective November through April.


Women, Infants, and Children (WIC):  Issues coupons for specified food items like milk, cheese and eggs for qualified applicants.  Participants in the program include pregnant women, breastfeeding women, infants and children up to 5 years of age.


RELOCATION READINESS – Assists soldiers and families cope with the stresses of frequent relocation.


 Inbound services include:


Fort Carson Information and SITES packets are available for inbound and newly arrived soldiers and families. 


Immigration and Naturalization Outreach Center provides guidance on immigration and naturalization issues and distributes INS forms.


Sponsor Training classes offered monthly to individuals and upon request to units.


Welcome Packets prepared for unit sponsorship programs upon request.  Individual welcome packets are available through the ACS Greeters at the Welcome Center and Housing Office. 


Welcome to the USA classes offer foreign-born soldiers and spouses an introduction to American culture and customs.  Referrals to ESL classes and other community resources are also available.


Outbound Services include:


Destination Information is available for most military installations around the world.


Relocation Planning is available on a walk-in basis, through individual consultations or our resource library.


Overseas Orientations are offered on a monthly basis for soldiers and family members facing an overseas or unaccompanied tour.  Limited childcare is available with advance reservations.


Other services include:


An Emergency Food Locker is located at the Welcome Center, Building 1218.  Contact your Unit CFN for guidance or call 526-2424.


The Loan Closet loans household items, such as cots, eating and cooking utensils, portable cribs, car seats, to incoming Fort Carson families on a temporary basis.  The Loan Closet is located in the Welcome Center, Bldg. 1218, on the corner of Wetzel & Ellis.  For more information, call 526-0349.





Exceptional Family Member Program – Offers guidance and referral service to military members who have a family member with a special need (medical, physical, educational, or mental health issues).  Soldiers are encouraged to register for the program so that future assignments can accommodate the needs of the exceptional family member. 


Family Advocacy Program – Offers classes/programs for parents, stepfamilies, new mothers, dads, single parents, and couples in order to build personal/family strengths and prevent child and spouse abuse.  Troop education, crisis intervention, stress management, and child safety education also provided. 


Child Safety Programs –


Baby, Think It Over: Using life-size dolls, this program works with area schools to talk about the responsibilities of parenthood.


Kids On The Block: This program is taught by a traveling group of puppeteers.  Lessons learned deal with personal safety, abuse and violence.


Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution: This program is provided to teach children skills that will enable them to think through conflicts and difficult problems instead of turning to violence as a solution.


Playgroup:  Playgroup is an informative, fun-filled get-together for parents and tots.


Teacher Training: A variety of classes are offered to teachers as well as child care providers such as Teaching and Leading Young Children, Helping the Angry Child, Teaching the Spirited Child, Child-Centered  Coaching, and more.


Marriage Enrichment Programs –


A Couple’s Journey: This program offers an evening couple’s workshop each month on commitment, love, friendship, communication, or gender differences that can help revitalize a relationship.


Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program: PREP teaches couples how to communicate more effectively, solve problems and enhance the quality of their relationships.


Reunited:  A reunion program for families after experiencing deployment is offered during the soldier’s leave time so that the entire family can participate.  Topics include cycle of deployment, anticipation, self-angering thoughts, returning to children, re-establishing intimacy, new parents of infants, single parents, single soldiers and much more.


Strengthening Stepfamilies: Strengthening Stepfamilies is an educational discussion group for remarried couples with children.  Topics covered include: the predictable stages of a blended family, effective family communication, resolving conflicts, recognizing unrealistic expectations, building the couple relationship, discipline and the nonresidential parent.

Parenting Programs –


Boot Camp For New Dads: This program offers tips to new fathers on becoming a dad, caring for baby, and caring for mom.


Infant Massage: Infant Massage is a class provided to pregnant moms and parents with babies up to 10 months.  Systematic strokes, which alleviate colic, create strong bonds, increase mom’s and dad’s communication with baby, and provide a foundation of unconditional love are offered in the class.


New Parent Support Program: The NPSP is a home visitation program for military families with children age 4 and under, and expectant parents.  (See page 43)


Nurturing Programs: The Nurturing Programs are parent/child programs to help parents learn how to be nurturing to themselves as well as learn to understand children’s behavior and gain new techniques in behavior management such as: choices and consequences, encouragement, and problem ownership.  Nurturing Programs are offered for three age groups:  Nurturing Baby, ages 0-5, and ages 5-12.


Living With 10-15 Year Olds: This program is an interactive class for families with young adolescents.  Topics include understanding adolescent development and behavior, communicating with adolescents, setting limits, changing family relationships, understanding risk taking and developmental needs and discussing sexuality.

Raising Kids in Troubled Times: Parents join to address many issues that confront and confound them in raising children today.  Topics include arguing, lying, peer pressure, disciplining, curfews and whereabouts.


Single Parent Program: The Single Parent Program is a support group for active duty and DOD civilian single parents.  Meetings offer information and discussion on getting control, family care plans, parenting and legal information.  The group also organizes retreats and monthly outings.


Unit Education And Training - This program is a 1-2 hour educational program on the dynamics and cycle of family violence.  This unit training is required annually.


Victim Advocacy Program - Trained advocates provide victims of domestic violence with information on their rights, help locate shelters, establish safety plans, accompany victims to court proceedings, meetings with lawyers, police and command, and make referrals.  In addition, the Victim Advocacy Program recruits interns and volunteers to assist victims of domestic violence.




The ACS Volunteer Office strives to place volunteers in areas in which they wish to learn a skill.  Volunteer incentives include a recognition program, computer and job training, resume development, on-site child care, and networking opportunities.



Bldg. 1526  - 526-4783

Hours:  0730-1615 Monday-Friday


ARMY EMERGENCY RELIEF  – Financial assistance to active duty and retired personnel, and their family members, when an unforeseen financial crisis arises.  Assistance provided with funeral expenses, emergency travel expenses, payment of rent to prevent eviction, payment of utilities to prevent termination, essential POV repairs, food, and other emergency financial needs. 


For after duty hours assistance with emergency travel loans, contact the Staff Duty Officer at 526-3400 and ask for the American Red Cross Duty Officer.


AER is located in Bldg. 1526 on the corner of Wetzel and Flint.



CHAPLAINS (Return to Top)




Bldg 1550                                               526-5279


Hours:    0730 – 1630, Monday – Friday


The Command Chaplain Office provides a wide variety of religious services and coverage (worship services, religious education, support groups, congregational fellowships, and volunteer opportunities).  Sacraments, ordinances, and rites meet the requirements of major faith groups.  Referral is available for religious needs and practices not represented on post.  Call the Command Chaplain’s Office for schedule of worship and other religious opportunities.  


UNIT CHAPLAIN PROGRAM                           526-5279/5910


Unit Chaplains offer religious services in the field and at local chapels, pastoral care and counseling for individuals or families, weddings and pre-marital preparation, family enrichment workshops (anger, marriage, parenting, stress), soldier and family retreats, welcome orientation, and family deployment training.  Contact unit commander, 1SG or

call 526-5279/5209 for Chaplain’s phone number and office location.




A chaplain is on call after duty hours to provide emergency pastoral care, crisis intervention, and referral for immediate family needs.  To contact the on-call Duty Chaplain, call the Staff Duty Officer at 526-3400/5500.




Building 1526                                                                     526-6917/6945


Hours:  0800-1700 Monday-Friday


Services Provided: Family life training consultation, marriage and family counseling, referral to unit chaplain or other agencies, and coordination with other family care providers (on and off post). 


The Chaplains Family Life Training Center is located in the Family Readiness Center (Bldg. 1526) on the corner of Wetzel and Flint.










Bldg. 6058 (Harr Street)                                       526-5977


·                                          Hours:  0600-1800  Monday-Friday

·                                                                                                                             Provides care for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years

·                                                                                                                             Registration Information, Bldg. 5510    526-1100



Bldg. 6060                                    524-0151


·                                                                                      Hours:  0730-1700  Monday-Friday

·                                                                                      Provides care for children age 6 weeks to 12 years

·                                                                                      Hourly care reservations                                                     524-0151

·                                                                                      Registration Information, Bldg. 5510                                                      526-1100



Bldg. 5510                                    526-3368


·                                                                                      Hours:  0600-1800  Monday-Friday

·                                                                                      Provides care for school age children through age 12

·                                                                                      Registration Information                                                                                           526-1100



Bldg. 6267                                    526-3372


·                                                                                                                          Part day Preschool is a developmentally appropriate program for young children 3-5 years which includes activities for physical, cognitive communication,           and creative skills development.

·                                                                                                                          Kindergarten provides full day care for kindergarten age children.

·                                                                                                                          Registration Information, Bldg. 5510                                                                          526-1100


Bldg. 5510                                                        526-3338


·                                                                                                                              Hours:  0730-1700  Monday-Friday

·                                                                                                                              Certifies day care in government quarters

·                                                                                                                              Pre-licensing agency for off-post providers for the State of Colorado

·                                                                                                                              Ages 4 weeks through 12 years

·                                                                                                                               Maintains list of off-post family child care homes



Bldg. 5510                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                526-1100


·                                                                                                                              Central registry for all CYS programs/activities

·                                                                                                                              Walk-in registration - Mon and Thu, 0730-1900

·                                                                                                                              Registration by appointment - Tues, Wed, and  Fri, 0930-1700

·                                                                                                                              Child care information, resources, and referral

·                                                                                                                              Babysitter training information and referral

·                                                                                                                              Short term alternate child care (on site)

·                                                                                                                              Volunteer child care in unit settings

·                                                                                                                              Parent co-ops

·                                                                                                                              School Liaison Office



Bldg. 5950 (Ware St)                                                                                                                                                                 526-2680


·                                                                                                                              Administration Hours:  0800 – 1700, Monday-Friday

·                                                                                                                          Variety of activities for youth ages 10 to 18



Bldg. 5950                                                               526-2680



Bldg. 5950                                                                                                                        526-2680


CIVILIAN EQUAL EMPLOYMENT                                                        (Return to Top)



Bldg. 1659                                                                                                                        526-4413

Hours:  0730-1600 Monday-Friday


Services Provided:


Counseling and mediation for resolution in complaints of discrimination based on race, color, sex (to include sexual harassment), age, national origin, physical/mental handicap, religion, and/or reprisal.  Training in EEO, managing diversity, conflict resolution, prevention of sexual harassment, and other human-relations topics.  Consultation with management on EEO and policies, practices, and procedures that concern federal civilian human resources. 


The Civilian EEO Office is located in the Fort Carson Assistance Center, Bldg. 1659, on the corner of Prussman and Barkeley.  Appointments requested.



CIVILIAN PERSONNEL            (Return to Top)



Bldg. 1550, DOIM Bldg                                                                                                  526-4524


Hours:  0730-1600, Monday-Friday


Services Provided:


·                                                                                                                          Assists in resolving employee-management complaints

·                                                                                                                          Refer complaints to appropriate action office

·                                                                                                                          Process formal complaints

·                                                                                                                          Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF) Civilian Personnel


NAF Office

Bldg. 1526, Family Readiness Center 526-4445


Hours:  0730-1615,  Monday-Friday


·              Provides advice on recruitment and classification of civilian positions

·              Provides advice and negotiates management position in Labor Relations issues

·              Provides information on civilian benefit entitlements, retirement and spouse preference

·              Offers civilian employee training



(The Civilian Personnel Advisory Center is located in Bldg 1550 – on Prussman Avenue.)


CLUBS AND ENTERTAINMENT            (Return to Top)


(Business Division – MWR)


Bldg. 1217                                    526-4417


Christophers                            Bldg. 1532               576-7540


Bowling Center                        Bldg. 1511               526-5542

Snack Bar, Lounge                                                       576-8126


Elkhorn Conference Center  Bldg. 7300               576-6646

Catering and Meeting Facility


Golf Course                             Bldg. 7800                                                  526-1927

Snack Bar, Driving Range, Putting Green, Chipping Facility


Neon Sports Saloon                 Bldg. 2259                                                  526-4938

Billiards, Music and Dance Floor, Video Games, Full Bar and Menu.


Fatz Pool and Darts.                Bldg. 1129                                                  526-4693

Billiards, Darts, Pizza Buffet, Karaoke, Video Games


(The Directorate of Community Activities Business Division Admin Office is located in Bldg 1217 – southeast corner of Specker and Ellis.)

COMMAND FINANCIAL NCO (CFN) PROGRAM                                                                 (Return to Top)


Bldg. 1526, Family Readiness Center                 526-4590


Army Community Service developed the Command Financial NCO Program in response to the Task Force on Quality of Life recommendation that quality of life is dependent to a great extent on sound financial standing. 


A fully trained and qualified NCO in the grade of E6 or above is assigned to each battalion to:


      Increase     - Preventive counseling

                              - Job performance

                              - Proactive personal financial management


                        Reduce                             - Letters of indebtedness

                              - Lost time from the

                              - Personal stress of


                        Improve                        - Morale

                              - Retention

                              - Readiness




Contact the Army Community Service (ACS) Consumer Affairs and Financial Assistance Program in building 1526, at 526-4590 for more information.


DENTAL ACTIVITIES       (Return to Top)


CLINIC                         LOCATIONS                                               PHONE


Headquarters                   Bldg. 6225                                                      526-2006/2877

                                       (Located at 5951 Prussman)


Dental Clinic #1               Bldg. 2356                                                      526-2200/2201

                                       (Located on Quinn & Magrath)


Hospital Dental Clinic      Evans Hospital                                                526-7100/7931

                                       (Located on Titus & Cochrane)


Larson Dental Clinic        Bldg. 1227                                                      526-3330/3331

                                       (Located on Wetzel & Felkins)


Smith Dental Clinic          Bldg. 1855                                                      526-5400/5401

                                       (Located on Hogan & Magrath)




Dental Clinic #1                               0630-1600 M, Tu, W, F

                                                        0700-1600 Thursday


Hospital Dental Clinic                       0700-1630 M, Tu, W, Th

                                                        0700-1530 Friday


Larson Dental Clinic                         0630-1600 M, Tu, W, F                           1200-1600 Thursday


Smith Dental Clinic                           0700-1630 M, Tu, W, Th

                                                        0700-1530 Friday




Dental Clinic #1                               0630-0900 Mon-Fri


Larson Dental Clinic                         0630-0730 M, Tu, W, F

                                                        1200-1330 Thursday


Smith Dental Clinic                           0700-1000 M, Tu, W, F

                                                        1200-1400 Thursday




Walk-in care is available to all beneficiaries who are presently afflicted with infection, bleeding, or trauma.  Active Duty report to their assigned dental clinic during sick call.  After duty day, emergency care is provided by the emergency room at Evans Army Community Hospital.  Beneficiaries participating in the TRICARE Dental Plan will be referred to their civilian dentist for care.  Conditions not qualifying as emergencies will not be accepted for treatment.




The TRICARE Dental Plan is a voluntary dental program for family members of active duty personnel of the uniformed services.


Evans Army Community Hospital

Health Benefits Advisor                                            526-7260


Questions concerning any of the above policies should be directed to the Officer-In-Charge or Non-Commissioned Officer-In-Charge of the supporting dental clinics.


DIRECTORATE OF COMMUNITY             (Return to Top)


Bldg. 1217 (4901 Ellis Street)

Army Emergency Relief (AER) Campaign: Provides an opportunity for military members to contribute to AER which assists soldiers, both active and retired, and their families who are faced with financial emergencies.


Commanding General’s Newcomers Briefing And EXPO:  Mandatory briefing for all newly arrived soldiers and officers to Fort Carson.  The briefing is held monthly. Spouses are encouraged to attend.               526-4495

Fort Carson Community Town Meeting:  A quarterly forum for any member of the Fort Carson community to discuss any issue of concern with the Fort Carson Command Group                                                          


Mobilization And Deployment:  Responsible for DCA support, planning, and in some cases facilitating exercises on post.  526-4495

Mountain Post Action Council (MPAC):  Commanding General (CG) quarterly forum where exchange of essential information is disseminated about recurring and one-time quality of life events that affect the military community.                                    526-4495

Pikes Peak Region Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): Federal employee fund-raising program which supports human service programs through contributions to a variety of charitable organizations, both at the local and national level                                  526-4495


Private Organization Point Of Contact:  Provides  information to private organizations about Fort Carson events.  Monthly meeting is conducted first Tuesday of every month.   526-1109

Savings Bond Campaign             526-4495

Special Events, MWR                526-4495

Voting Assistance:  Installation POC for military voting assistance and provides guidance to unit voting officers.       526-4495




Abandoned Vehicle Sales and Salvage Lot

Bldg. 3600                                     524-1146


Abandoned vehicle sales and salvage lot is located on the south end of the post on Magrath.


Commercial Sponsorship

Bldg. 1217                                     526-3161


Assists contributors wishing to make donations to Fort Carson and also assists business entities wanting to sponsor events with units at Fort Carson.


Unit Funds                                    526-5580

Used Car Sales Lot

.Bldg. 3660                                    524-1146


Provides a designated location for “eligible” military members to offer their privately owned vehicles (motorcycles, cars, RV’s, etc.) for sale.  Registration is mandatory. 


FAMILY READINESS GROUP (FRG)                                             (Return to Top)


The Family Readiness Group (FRG) is an official organization for family members, volunteers, and soldiers belonging to a unit.  FRG provides an avenue of mutual support and assistance and a network of communication among the family members, chain of command, and community resources. 


The goal of the Family Readiness Group is to support the military mission through provision of support, outreach, and information to family members.  The brigade/battalion Unit Service Coordinator (USC) assigned by Army Community Service can help FRGs  access needed resources. 


The Community Life/Outreach Readiness trains Family Readiness Group Leaders.  Consult the USC Section (page 53) of this booklet for more Information or call Army Community Service at 526-4590.


FINANCE   (Return to Top)


Hours:    0900-1700 Monday-Friday


Finance Services (Operations)

Bldg. 1220 (corner of Specker and Ellis)      526-8494


·                                                                                                  Pay Inquiries

·                                                                                                  Special Actions (AWOL(s)/Confinements)


ALPHA Detachment (In and Out processing)

Bldg. 1218 (Welcome Center)              526-8470/8473


Customer Service                  526-9921

Customer Service/Travel                526-8479

FAX                                                       526-8469


BRAVO Detachment

Bldg. 1854 (Across from Garcia PFC)      


Customer Service                                    526-6258/0524

Processing Section                                   526-8511

FAX                                              526-6237


CHARLIE Detachment

Bldg. 2457


Customer Service                           526-5151

FAX                                              526-8474



Bldg. 1220 (Evans & Specker)   526-5151


·                                                                                                                              Cash collections for all debts to the U.S. Government

·                                                                                                                              Issue/distribute checks


HOSPITAL      (Return to Top)



Bldg. 7500


Hospital Operator                        526-7000

Hospital Commander                   526-7500

Sergeant Major                        526-7129

Administrative Officer of The Day       526-7001/7002


Emergency On & Off Post                   911


Alcohol And Drug Abuse Prevention & Control Program                                                 Bldg. 1217                        526-2181


BCACS                                   Bldg. 7500      526-7274/7271


The Beneficiary Counseling And Assistance Coordinators (BCAC) were established to help improve and refine TRICARE Customer Service delivery.  BCAC services provided are:


·                                                                                Direct beneficiary assistance for inquiries

·                                                                                Counseling beneficiaries regarding TRICARE

·                                                                                Following-up and troubleshooting claims, enrollment, and authorization problems

·                                                                                Research, coordination, and resolution of TRICARE issues/concerns

·                                                                                Claims processing assistance

Child Protection/Maltreatment Of Child/Spouse Abuse

Social Work Services            Bldg. 6236      526-4585/5667


Services Provided:


·                                                                                Direct patient assistance for child and spouse abuse concerns

·                                                                                Case Review Committee

·                                                                                Counseling

·                                                                                                                              Coordination of services with El Paso Human Services

·                                                                                                                              Safe House coordination for spouses

·                                                                                                                              Parenting classes

·                                                                                                                              Domestic violence awareness workshop

·                                                                                                                              Anger control groups

·                                                                                                                              Couples communication classes

·                                                                                                                              Men’s and women’s groups

Community Counseling Center

Bldg. 1217                                    526-2862

·                                                                                                                              Consultation services to commanders, schools, and hospital

·        Psychiatric evaluation/suicide, routine evaluation (active duty)

      Community Mental Health Activity

      Bldg. 6236                     526-7155/7661

·                                                                                                                              Individual/family counseling (case by case basis)

·                                                                                                                              Child guidance

      Emergency Room            Bldg. 7500                                          526-7111

      EVans Medical Library   Bldg. 7500                                          526-7286


      Nutrition Care Division   Bldg. 7500                                          526-7290

·                                                                                Individual counseling and group instruction

·                                                                                Special diet and general nutrition information

·                                                                                Regularly scheduled classes on topics such as diabetes education, weight management, and cholesterol management.

Patient Representative             Bldg. 7500      526-7225

Preventive Medicine                Bldg. 7500      526-2939/3962

Offers health teaching, counseling, and services to individuals, families/groups in homes, schools, places of work, and clinics in the following areas:

·                                                                                      Communicable Disease                                        526-7353

·                                                                                      Community Health Nurse                                526-6414

·                                                                                      Industrial and Environmental Hygiene           526-1797

·                                                                                      Infection Control                                         526-7922

·                                                                                      Occupational Health.                                         526-2939

·                                                                                      DOD/Employee, Health Issues                       424-4147

·                                                                                      Persian Gulf Program                                       524-4147

·                                                                                      Radiation Protection                                     526-7361

Primary Acute Care Clinic       Bldg. 7500      526-7813

Suicide Prevention

·                                                                                      Duty Hours                                                          526-7661/7662

·                                                                                                                              After Duty Hours            596-5433/LIFE

TRICARE Central Region (TRIWEST)

     Appointments                  (719) 264-5000

                           (Toll free) 1-888-874-9378

     Cancellations                    (719) 264-5059

     Claims – PGBA (Palmetto Government Benefits Admin)


      Nurse Advice (24 hours) 1-888-887-4111

      Prime Evening/Weekend Clinic 526-7838

      Senior Prime Appointments      (719) 266-7000

                           (Toll free) 1-800-371-6489


Troop Medical Clinics:  To provide troop sick call and primary medical care to support units.


TMC                      BLDG                                PHONE

6 & 7                       1007                        526-3510/6302/5531

8                             Pinon Canyon    524-0102

(Open only during deployments)

10                            7490                        524-2245


CAUTION:  In spite of health care service listed as being available at Evans Army Community Hospital, this does not necessarily mean that there are enough services to satisfy the needs of all eligible beneficiaries.



EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OFFICE (EO)          (Return to Top)


Bldg. 1012      526-3385/9469


Hours:           0900 – 1630, Mon, Tues, Wed, and Fri  
                       0800 – 1500, Thu
                      1200 – 1300   Closed for lunch
HOTLINE:   526-9468


Services Provided:


·                                Assists leaders in all EO matters.


·                                Assists soldiers and their family members in resolving grievances involving discrimination due to race, gender, ethnic background or religious preference and sexual harassment matters.


·                                Provides educational tools for soldiers to conduct quality training in the equal opportunity field.


·                                Plans and executes ethnic observances to promote cross-cultural education.


Bldg. 1012 is located on Specker Avenue, behind the Education Center.


HOUSING DIVISION                     (Return to Top)


Bldg. 7301 (Woodfill Road)     526-7574


Hours: 0730-1600 Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri

              0900-1600 Thu


Community Housing Incentive Program (CHIP)

Bldg. 7301                                    526-5219


Fort Carson and the area Apartment Association have formed a cooperative program called CHIP to help soldiers and families obtain affordable housing in the local community.  CHIP members offer enrolling soldiers discounted rents, waived deposits, and payment plans or lowered rents during times of deployment. 




Family Housing Quarters Lockout


·                                                                                      Locked out after duty hours, call the Family

      Housing Maintenance Contractor       579-1605

·                                                                                      Locked out during normal duty hours, report to Family Housing Office, Bldg 7301                       


Family Leasing Office                    Bldg 7301                                                 226-2268


Housing Liaison NCO Office         Bldg 7301                                                 526-4313


Self Help Store                                Bldg 6271                                                 579-1895


Work Orders (Family Housing Only)      Bldg 6271                                                 579-1605



Billeting Branch, Housing Division, Colorado Inn

                               Bldg. 7301      526-4832


Services Provided: 


Issue statements of non-availability for barrack space, and approval authority for payment of BAH.  Unit commanders may authorize soldiers to reside off post at no expense to the government.  If a commander wishes to allow off post residency with payment of a housing allowance, prior approval action must be obtained from the Housing Division.




Bldg. 1659                           526-3900/3901


Hours:  0730-1700 Mon, Wed, Fri

              0730-1600 Thu


Services Provided:


·                                                                                                                              Assistance, inquiries, non support, investigations, and responses to complaints and requests.


·                                                                                                                              Inspections:  evaluation of operating systems within organizations and activities to ensure efficient operation of the command.


The IG Office is located in the Fort Carson Assistance Center, Bldg. 1659, on the corner of Prussman and Barkeley.




Bldg. 1526                                    526-4590


Hours:  0730-1615 Monday-Friday


The Installation Volunteer Program supports the Army mission by continuously seeking innovative ideas and processes to improve the Quality of Life at Fort Carson through the use of volunteers and volunteer agencies.  The program advocates for a quality volunteer work experience and environment that recognizes and appreciates the valuable contribution which volunteers make to the Fort Carson community.


Serving as a liaison and resource for government and private volunteer organizations, the Installation Volunteer Program recruits, interviews, and refers individuals for placement in volunteer job opportunities that meet the individual’s needs.  Volunteer job opportunities may be regularly scheduled or community special events.  There is a place for everyone to volunteer on Fort Carson.


All volunteers providing gratuitous service to agencies on Fort Carson must register with the Installation Volunteer Program.  Volunteers shall receive a job description from the organization to which services performed that describes the duties and responsibilities of each volunteer job.  The Federal Government in the event of injury or loss while performing job description duties provides installation volunteers (who have completed the registration process) certain rights and protections.  Childcare subsidy is available for designated Installation Volunteer jobs.


Volunteer work experience is an excellent way for an individual to develop job skills and accumulate work experience to promote job marketability.  Many of our Installation Volunteers use their volunteer work experience to find paying jobs in the Fort Carson and Colorado Springs communities.  Volunteering at Fort Carson is a winning experience for everyone.


Installation volunteer opportunities are available at the following agencies:


Army Community Service           Thrift Shop

American Red Cross                  3rd ACR Museum

Scouting Programs                     Public Affairs Office

Family Readiness Groups           Schools (Tutoring/Reading)

Welcome Center                        Wildlife and Fish Program

OWC/ESCO                             Morale Support Program

Legal Assistance (SJA)              Turkey Creek Rec Area

Chaplain                                    Child and Youth Programs

Library                                       Housing Office


Community volunteer events include “Make A Difference Day”, Kit Carson Celebration, Red Ribbon Week, Great American Smoke Out, post clean-up days, and many more events that are scheduled through out the year.


(Installation Volunteer Program is located in the Family Readiness Center – Bldg 1526, on the corner of Wetzel and Flint.)






Service Provided:


Personal property shipments (Household goods, baggage, etc.) and storage claims


Inbound Shipments


1655 S. Murray Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO                                                      554-9298


Outbound Shipments


Bldg. 1220, Fort Carson, Colorado       526-3755

(corner of Evans and Specker)


LEGAL SERVICES                       (Return to Top)



Bldg. 6285 (Woodfill Road)


Administrative Law                     526-0618


The Administrative Law Division provides legal advice to the Command regarding Reports of Survey, Labor Law, Standards of Conduct, Installation Law, Contracts, Environment Law, Operational Law, and AR 15-6 investigations.


Claims                                 526-1355/1353


The Claims Division will investigate, process, and pay the following meritorious claims under AR 27-20:


·                                                                                                                              Damage to or loss of household goods or POVs during shipment


·                                                                                                                              Vandalism, theft, and unusual damage occurring on post


·                                                                                                                              Death, personal injury, or damage/loss of property when the injury or damage is negligently caused by soldiers/government employees while performing their duties


·                                                                                                                              When a soldier intentionally damages or wrongfully takes property belonging to another person, the Claims Office will assist that person in attempting to recover his/her loss from the soldier under Article 139 UCMJ.


Criminal Law (For 1SG and Commanders Only) 


The Criminal Law Division advises commanders on UCMJ charges and other criminal matters involving soldiers, Article 15(s) administrative elimination actions, and other adverse military personnel actions.


3d ACR Trial Counsel                        526-1465

3d Brigade Trial Counsel                    526-1425

43d ASG Trial Counsel                      526-0603

USAG/MEDDAC Trial Counsel         526-8718

Magistrate Court Prosecutor               526-0609


Legal Assistance                526-5573/5572


Provides direct assistance to service members, retirees, and family members for bills of sale, name change, landlord/tenant problems (including interpretation of lease agreements), domestic relations (adoption, divorce, separation, paternity, and non support), consumer problems (contracts, debts), initial bankruptcy counseling, advice on civilian criminal and civil suits, state and federal income tax advice, reports of survey and EER/OER rebuttals.


Attorney Appointments    526-5572 or 526-5573


Divorce/Separation Seminar

·                                      No appointment required 

·                                                                                                                              0930 Wed and Fri


Power of Attorney & Notary Services

·                                      Provided on a walk-in basis

·                                      0900-1600 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri

·                                      1300-1500 Thu



Walk Ins 1300 Monday and Friday, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE


Will Day Tuesday by appointment


Trial Defense Service…………………………                                                         Bldg 6287………..526-4563

Defense counsel provide assistance and/or representation for soldier in court-martial, administrative board actions, Article 15 actions, and

Article 69 UCMJ appeals.




(The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate is located in Bldg 6285 on Woodfill.)


LODGING      (Return to Top)



Bldg. 7301   (Colorado Inn)     526-4832


Hours:  24 Hours Daily


The Colorado Inn provides temporary lodging for permanent change of station (PCS) and temporary duty (TDY) personnel on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Reservations are encouraged.  All others needing temporary lodging are on a space available basis.  Please call for any additional information.


(The Colorado Inn is located in Bldg 7301 on Woodfill.)





Bldg. 1117                           526-2124/5226


Hours:    0700-1700 Monday, Tuesday, Friday 

               1100-1700 Thursday


The Army Education Center provides quality educational programs for Fort Carson soldiers and their families.


Army Learning Center: Programs are completely individualized using the latest in audio/visual equipment with subjects ranging from basic skills to graduate courses.  Instructors are available for all programs.


College Programs: Various colleges offer programs both on and off post.  Interested personnel should see their unit education counselor for more information.  Soldiers are authorized $3,500 tuition assistance each fiscal year.


Counseling: A staff of educational guidance counselors are available to provide information and assistance in planning education or career needs.


Distance Learning: The Distance Learning Program currently offers classes via Analog and Digital Satellite Dishes.  Multi-media classes featuring two-way audio and video are offered.  Call 526-2232 for information.


Functional Academic Skills Training (FAST): FAST is designed to enable enlisted soldiers to master basic academic skills in Reading, Language, and Math.


MOS Library System: The MOS Reference Library contains study references to support MOS development.


Scholarship Program: Command-selected soldiers may earn up to 30 hours of college credit at no cost.  Contact the Counseling Center at 526-9885.


Testing:  A testing program is provided for educational placement, achievement, and academic credits.  The testing program provides services for the following -


·                                                                                                                              The ARMY CORRESPONDENCE COURSE PROGRAM offers MOS courses and sub-courses, Professional Development courses, Logistics Management courses and Federal Emergency Management courses for military and DA civilian personnel.


·                                                                                                                              The ARMY PERSONNEL TESTING AFAST, AFCT, DLAB, DLPT, Typing Test, Army Analysis Aptitude Test and Excellence in Armor Testing are available for Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard personnel.


The Education Center is located in Bldg. 1117, on the northeast corner of Specker and Ellis.


 (Education Center is located in Bldg 1117 – NE corner of Specker & Ellis.)




Bldg. 1526 Family Readiness Center  526-3887


Hours:  0600-1800 Monday -Thursday

              0600-1630 Friday


The Mountain Post Wellness Center promotes healthy behaviors, increases readiness, and improves quality of life on Fort Carson.  The Center provides a dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable staff to assist active duty, family members, retirees, and DOD employees to work towards wellness.



·                                                                                                                              Nutrition

·                                                                                                                              Prevention

·                                                                                                                              Spiritual


Fitness Area

·                                                                                                                              Locker and shower area

·                                                                                                                              Strength building and aerobic equipment


Relaxation Room

·                                                                                                                              Relax and unwind in the massage chair and relaxation room



·                                                                                                                              Blood Pressure

·                                                                                                                              Cholesterol

·                                                                                                                              Health Risk Appraisals

·                                                                                                                              Personal Wellness Profile



·                                                                                                                              Civilian Wellness Program

·                                                                                                                              Personal Wellness Profile

·                                                                                                                              Exercise Prescriptions

·                                                                                                                              Pregnancy/Post Partum PT

·                                                                                                                              Fitness Assessment

·                                                                                                                              Wellness Classes


Wellness Resource Library

·                                                                                                                              Self-service library which contains InfoTrac, a one-stop health information system designed for the consumer


Classes  -  call 526-3887 for next available class


·        Anger Management – awareness of one’s own anger, anger control, and results of anger


·        Appropriate Play For Infants And Toddlers – geared to help an infant progress through stages of development


·        Arthritis Management – exercises/stretches and adaptive equipment


·        Cholesterol Education – instruction using low fat, heart healthy guidelines


·        Diabetes Education – management, complications, nutrition, pharmacology, and exercise


·        Ergonomics – basic anatomy, lifting instruction, general low back exercise instruction, and tips for a healthy working environment


·        Exercise Instruction – appropriate use of exercise equipment


·        Healthy Cooking – learn how to prepare delicious healthy meals


·        Increasing Memory – tips for retaining information


·        Relationship Enhancement – communication, conflict management, and listening skills


·        Self-Care Instruction – to maximize client self care potential


·        Senior Support Group – topics include health and wellness issues, current events, and more.  Guest speakers address clients’ interests.  This is a place to discuss issues of concern in regards to senior’s lives.


·        Stress Management – identification and management of stress


·        Taping Class for NCO(S) – body fat taping certification


·        Time Management – balancing lifestyles for maximum work, play, and rest


·        Tobacco Cessation – behavior modification and support for tobacco cessation


·        Weight Management – nutrition, behavior modification, and lifestyle changes


NEW PARENT SUPPORT PROGRAM (NPSP)                                                                       (Return to Top)


Bldg. 1526, Family Readiness Center  526-4712


Hours:  0800-1630 Monday – Friday


The Army Community Service New Parent Support Program (NPSP) consists of a professional team of social workers and nurses who provide services to military families with children from birth to six years of age and to expectant parents. 


Services Provided:


Baby Bundles – A calendar and NPSP resource packet are delivered to the hospital on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Quilts are given to E-4s and below, for their first child.


Home Visits – A chance to form a supportive relationship and to talk about parent concerns with a professional at home.


Mother’s Support Group – A group for mothers with children up to age six, to improve self-esteem and learn to form a support system.


Nurturing Programs – A twelve-week parenting program, held in conjunction with FAP for parents and their children, birth to five years and four years to twelve years.  A weekly parenting program is offered for infants to 18 months.


Referrals – Assistance with information and resources that help find appropriate military and community services to meet family needs.




Headquarters Section – Bldg. 1118

Commander PSB                   526-3770

Executive Officer PSB                      526-6538

Command Sergeant Major              526-6539

Field Operations                                526-4966


A Detachment Commander               Bldg. 1118                                                    526-6495

      Personal Actions Branch                526-1906

      NCOIC Promotions                                  526-2227

      NCOIC Soldier Actions                            526-1906

      ID Card/DEERS                             526-8423                                                   

      Hours:  0730-1600 M, Tu, W, F; 0800-1430 Thursday

      Bring certified copy of marriage license, birth       certificate, Social Security Number, and ID cards for                                               family members 10 years of age and older for DEERS;                                               and for the ID section, the sponsor must accompany the family member with the same requirements for the       paperwork.

      Retirement Services Office         Bldg. 1218                                                    526-2840

      Hours:  0730-1600; 1130-1300 closed for lunch

      Transition Center                         Bldg. 1218                                                    526-2888

      Separation Orders                                     526-2626

      Chapters                                                      526-3963

      Final Out-processing                                526-2320

      Officer/Medical Separations                    526-3328


B Detachment Commander               Bldg. 1118                                                    526-6495

      Personnel Information Branch

      NCOIC, Officer Records                  526-8442

NCOIC, Enlisted Records                526-4911

NCOIC, OER Section                                      526-5713

NCOIC, NCOER Section                                526-5713

NCOIC, Customer Service/Flag Records              526-6480

U.S. Army Replacement Detachment

Welcome Center


Bldg. 1218 (corner of Wetzel and Ellis)    


Welcome Center NCOIC                                526-4892

Welcome Center Front Counter    526-2424

In-Out Processing (Central Control)          526-4454

Finance In-processing                                   526-8236

Finance Out-processing (PCS)                    526-8481

Finance Transitions              526-8473

DITY                                           526-0507

Personnel Records (In-processing)       526-6121

Port Call Section (PSB) Family Travel/Passports                           526-2949

Transitions (Out)                      526-2320

Medical & Officer Separations        526-3328

Post Locator                              526-0227

Replacement Det Commander     Bldg. 1219.                                            526-5282

Replacement Detachment 1SG    Bldg. 1219                                             526-0347


C Detachment Commander         Bldg. 1118      526-6800

Personnel Automation Branch         526-6504

Personnel Reassignment Branch      526-8430


HHD Commander                        Bldg. 1118         526-9350

Soldier Readiness Processing          Bldg. 6267      526-2014


Installation AG                             Bldg. 1118      526-3770

Deputy AG, Strength Mgmt            Bldg. 1430      526-5501

Officer Management                Bldg. 1430                                             526-4441

Enlisted Management             Bldg. 1430                                                   526-0674

Readiness/USR                        Bldg. 1430                                                   526-6530

NCOIC Awards                         Bldg. 1430                                                   526-2110

Congressional                          Bldg. 1659                                                   526-9488

Casualty/Mortuary                      Bldg. 1118       526-5614


Post Reenlistment                        Bldg. 1219                                                      526-3044

In Service Recruiter (ISR)          Bldg. 1219                                                      526-2599





Bldg. 2700                  526-2333/2335/2336


AWOL Apprehension/Civil Liaison  526-0648


Military Police Desk                           526-2333


Military Police Investigations              526-0091


Military Working Dogs           Bldg, 8999                                    526-4062


Physical Security                          Bldg, 2757                                              526-2760


Police Record                               Bldg, 2700                                              526-1455


Traffic Accident Investigations            526-1770


Vehicle Registration              Bldg, 1218                                    526-8503


Weapon Registration             Bldg, 2700                                    526-2333

(Military Police Desk)


The PMO is located on Christie Street, between Barkeley and Magrath.


RECREATION DIVISION (MWR)      (Return to Top)


Bldg. 1217                                    526-2432


Carlson Wagonlit

Leisure (Personal Travel)             Bldg. 1510      576-5404


Craft Shops

Auto Craft Center                        Bldg. 2427      526-2147

Multi-craft Center                        Bldg. 1510      526-0900

Smith Woodcraft Shop                Bldg. 2426      526-3487


Ironhorse Memorial Park

Day to day information regarding activities                                   526-2348

For reservations                             526-2083


Information, Tour, and Recreation (ITR)

Tickets to attractions, etc.   Bldg. 1510      526-5366


Library                                       Bldg. 1528      526-2350


Outdoor Recreation Complex

Information Desk                         Bldg. 2429      526-2083

Alpine Tower                              Bldg. 2429      524-1068

Camp Falcon                               Bldg. 2429      524-1068

Mountain Post Outfitters              Bldg. 2429      526-9723

Outdoor Recreation Rental Ctr    Bldg. 2429      526-1993

Penrose House                            Bldg. 2429      526-2705

Recreation Programs                   Bldg. 2429      526-4870


Turkey Creek Recreation Area 526-3905

Turkey Creek is 10 miles south of the Main Gate off Hwy 115


 (The Directorate of Community Activities Recreation Division Admin. Office is located in Bldg 1217 – southeast corner of Specker and Ellis.)


SAFETY OFFICE     (Return to Top)


Bldg 1550, Room 2120  - 526-2123

Hours:  0730-1630


The Fort Carson Safety Office serves as the focal point for federal and Army Safety program requirements and support.  The program serves active duty military personnel, the civilian work force, contractors, and family members.


Major services provided: Safety Training, Consulting, Hazard Analysis and Control, Safety Risk Management Training and Application, Accident Investigation and Reporting, Safety Inspections, Safety References, Tactical Safety Support, and Radiation Safety.


Industrial Safety…………………………………………………...                   526-8044


Radiation Safety…………………………………………………...     526-8044


Risk Management…………………………………………………     526-2576


Safety Literature…………………………………………………..     526-8036


Safety Office……………………………………………………….     526-2123


Tactical Safety……………………………………………………..     526-8045




(The Fort Carson Safety Office is located in Bldg 1550 on Specker.)


SPORTS DIVISION (MWR)      (Return to Top)


Bldg 1217 526-2583


Physical Fitness Centers

Forrest Physical Fitness Center…………….     Bldg 1843…………...     526-2706

Garcia Physical Fitness Center……………..     Bldg 1856…………...     526-3944

McKibben Physical Fitness Center…………     Bldg 1160…………...     526-2597

Mountain Post Physical Fitness Center…….     Bldg 2059…………..     524-2037

Post Field House……………………………     Bldg 1829…………...     526-1023

Waller Physical Fitness Center……………..     Bldg 2357…………...     526-2742



Indoor Pool…………………………………     Bldg 1446……..526-3193/3107

Outdoor Pool……………………………….     Bldg 1231…………...526-4456


Sports Complex/Reservations

(Fields, courts, tracks)

Summer……………………………………..     Bldg 1920…………..     524-1155

Winter………………………………………     Bldg 1217…………..     524-1155



TRANSPORTATION     (Return to Top)



Bldg. 847 (Located on O’Connell Avenue)


Hours: 0700-1700, Monday – Friday


Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group   526-1161/1162

Administrative Branch                            576-3126/1144

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Office (Official              576-5188

Central Receiving Point                  526-4977

Chief, Movements Branch              526-1146

Freight/Passenger Movements Section

Inbound Freight                                       526-5630/1160

Individual Passenger                 526-3444/1141                              

Outbound Freight                     526-1156/1157                              

Group Passenger Movements           526-1173

Installation Transportation Officer             526-1143/1144

Packing and Crating                                 526-3455/6137

Training Coordinator                        526-5076

Unit Movements Branch                   526-1159

Unit Movements Coordinator                   526-1150/1153


Transportation Motor Pool   Bldg. 301

Administration                                  526-5579

Accounting Office                            526-3071

Dispatcher TMP                              526-1651

Maintenance                                    526-1415

Motor Transport Officer/COR  526-3367

Project Manager                              526-8093

Scheduling                                       526-6939





Bldg. 1526, Family Readiness Center        526-4590


Hours:  0730-1615


The ACS Unit Service Coordinator’s Program is a commander’s program designed to provide an easily identifiable point of contact for responding to soldier and family needs.  The Army Community Service Unit Service Coordinator (USC) is a commander’s resource for identifying unit needs and for linking those needs with support mechanisms.  The ACS USC also provides advice, training, and education on Army Community Service issues.  The philosophy is one of prevention and education of engaging soldiers and their families in ACS programs before difficulties occur.


For more information, contact Army Community Service for the name of your assigned Unit Service Coordinator (USC).



Care with Honor