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Department of Orthopedics/Podiatry

Department of Orthopedics/Podiatry
Soldier Family Care Center
Third Floor, Room 3100
1650 Cochrane Circle
Fort Carson, CO 80913

Business hours
Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Closed on Federal Holidays and Selected Training Holidays

Contact information – main phone numbers are (719) 526-7440 & (719)-526-7435

The Orthopedic/Podiatry Clinic is located on the third floor of the SFCC. Patients should park in the “G” parking lot (purple signs) just east of the SFCC; enter the main east entrance and go up the main staircase or take the elevators on the right to the third floor. Turn left from the stairs or right from the elevator to the Orthopedic/Podiatry Clinic – which is on the east end of the building.

The Orthopedic/Podiatric Clinic delivers patient-centered health care to Soldiers, dependants and retirees. Within the clinic there are two teams. Each team includes Providers (Surgeons and Physician Assistants), Nurses and Orthopedic Technicians all working to provide the best patient care possible. As a specialty clinic, patients arrive expecting excellent care and education to support pre and post surgery.

Primary services (what the clinic/services offers), (Samples)
• Fracture care
• Casting and bracing
• Medical Readiness evaluations
• Surgical consultations
• Post op care

Who can be seen here?
Active Duty Soldiers, family and retirees with appropriate referral

Walk-in Services
• None available

Commonly asked Questions and Answers
Where can I get splints/braces?
We supply splints per orders from your provider. If we do not carry the specific splint or brace you need, we have several vendors available to meet your needs.

Does orthopedics issue crutches to patients?
No, orthopedics refers patients to physical therapy for issuance and training for crutches.

Can I be seen at the clinic without seeing my PCM?

Your PCM is the center of your care and needs to know what is going on with you. You must see your PCM for a referral to see any specialty clinic. The only exception is if someone has an urgent/emergent care need such as a fall that ended up with a visit to the ER and a referral from their providers.

Is there a wait to have surgery once I see the surgeon?
All patients are triaged for urgent need of surgery. There may be a wait dependent on your diagnosis. You will need to discuss this with your surgeon and the surgery scheduler.

Can I just be seen off post since you are not seeing me as soon as my PCM or I would like?
This is a complicated question and there is not a simple answer. Please discuss with your PCM if you need to be seen urgently and if so, have your provider contact the on-call surgeon to discuss your case. If you have a routine diagnosis that needs to be seen, there are timelines that must be followed. We would be happy to discuss this further at your appointment.

Other information important or critical for patients to know.
All patients must have an active referral. Each referral for care is good for 12 months and needs to be renewed by your PCM for care needed beyond the first year. This will occur every 12 months.

Network clinics, such as Physical Therapy, need to place their referral requests through Tricare/United Healthcare Military West directly as we are unable to enter their requests for them.


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Last Modified 21 January, 2015