Dining Facility
Customer Satisfaction Survey

   To provide the best service possible,
we need to know how well we are serving you.
Please help us by completing this survey.

1. Select meal:

2. Specify your status:

3. How often do you use the dining facility?

4. How would you rate the following? Very Good Good


Poor Very Poor
a. Temperature of Hot Foods
b. Temperature of Cold Foods
c. Appearance of Food
d. Overall quality of the Food
e. Courtesy of Staff
f. Overall quality of Service
g. Breakfast Bar
h. Salad Bar
i. Pasta Bar
j. Taco Bar
k. Potato Bar
l. Sandwich Bar
m. Short Order Line
n. Main Serving Line
o. Grab N' Go


5. Have you used the healthy heart meal information in making selections?Yes No

6. What other ethnic meals would you like offered?



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