Fort Carson MEDDAC
Medical Services Projected Closures for FY16

Evans hospital's outpatient clinics have altered hours of operation on federal holidays and on some military days of no scheduled activity, commonly known as DONSAs or "training holidays" as well as during some half-day closures for staff training.  To provide maximum access for our patients, the hospital's outpatient clinics remain open on many of the 4th ID and Ft. Carson DONSA days. For details on how these dates will impact clinic operations and our patients, patients can check the Evans Facebook page at and look for messages on this website.


Below is a list of the known holidays, DONSAs and training days for the remainder of fiscal year 2016. 

12 October 2015 (Monday)  -  Columbus Day               
11November2015 (Wednesday) - Veterans Day
26 November 2015 (Thursday) -  Thanksgiving Day
25 December 2015 (Friday) - Christmas Day
01 January 2016 (Friday)  - New Year's Day
18 January 2016 (Monday) - Martin Luther King's Birthday
15 February 2016 (Monday) - President's Day
30 May 2016 (Monday)  - Memorial Day
04 July 2016 (Monday)  - Independence Day
05 September 2016 (Monday) - Labor Day

 The following Training Holidays will be observed (EACH "weekend-like" operations with clinics closed and only ER and inpatient services open):

27 November 2015 - Friday after Thanksgiving Day
24 December 2015 - Thursday before Christmas Day
31 December2016 - Thursday before New Year's Day
27 May 2016 - Friday before Memorial Day
01 July 2016 - Friday before Independence Day

The following "Training Opportunity" days will be observed (EACH will conduct full morning clinics with acute coverage for the afternoon as defined by clinic leadership. The remainder of the day can be utilized for training opportunities as defined by department and section leadership and military released in the afternoon if current on training requirements):

09 October 2015 - Friday before Columbus Day
25 March 2016 - Good Friday before Easter
17June2016 - Friday, celebrating the Army's 241 51 Birthday
02 September 2016 - Friday before Labor Day