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  Pre-Admissions Clinic, Same Day Surgery, & Post-Anesthesia Care Unit

Department of Surgery
Bldg. 7500, Post Anesthesia Care Unit/Same Day Surgery/Pre-Admissions Clinic
Second Floor, Room 2700/2740
1650 Cochrane Circle
Fort Carson, CO 80913

Business hours
Monday-Friday 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Closed on Federal Holidays and Selected Training Holidays

Contact information
(719) 526-7015.(PACU)
(719) 526-7135.(Same Day Surgery)
(719) 526-7927.(Pre-Admit)

The PACU/SDS/PADM Clinic area is located on the second floor, northeast corner of the main Hospital, Building 7500. Patients should park in the general parking lot west the main hospital entrance. Once through the main entrance patient can take the elevators to the left or the spiral staircase to the right and follow the signs to Same Day Surgery.

-The Pre-admissions Clinic schedules and screens patients of all ages for planned and emergent surgeries. Appointments can be as soon as the day prior or weeks out from the planned day of surgery.
-The Same Day Surgery section includes the Pre-Operative area where patients are prepped for surgery and the Post-Operative, phase II, recovery area. Patients are provided private rooms to finish the recovery process and prepare for discharge.
-The Post Anesthesia Care Unit(PACU) provides patients with one-to-one nursing care immediately after surgery during the first phase of recovery. Nursing emphasis is on pain and nausea control to provide for a comfortable recovery all patients regardless of the type of procedure. Patients will be transferred to phase II discharge or to the inpatient ward once certain criteria has been met.

Primary services
• Pre-Operative Screening to include Lab, Vital Signs, and Informed Consent
• Anesthesia and Nursing Consults prior to surgery
• Pre-Operative nursing Preparation
• Immediate nursing care provided after surgery
• Same Day Surgery Discharge
• Detailed Discharge instructions with post-op day one nursing follow-up

Who can be seen here?
Active Duty Military, Retirees, Tricare Prime, and Tricare Plus. Patients of all ages

Walk-in Services
• Same day Pre-Operative screening for emergent surgical cases

Commonly asked Questions and Answers
• Will I be able to be at the bedside with my loved one? Yes, Once a patient has been prepped for surgery, family members will be able to sit with their loved one until the patient is taken to the operating room. Once the patient is out of the operating room, a nurse will come meet you and take you back to the recovery room to be with your loved one again.
• What should I bring with me on the day I have surgery? Wear comfortable clothes and bring you ID card. All valuable items(i.e. Debit cards, jewelry, sentimental items, electronics) should be left at home or left with your family member/care-taker.

Please view this video to help inform and educate you about the surgical process.


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