Volunteer Programs

Due to the hard work and generosity of our volunteers, we are able to efficiently and effectively meet and exceed our goals in providing services to the military community.  Each volunteer is valued for their individual contribution of time and talents whether their skill supports the military family in a hospital setting, within a community outreach program and/or during special events.  This includes volunteers who are trained to provide families in crisis access to the worldwide, 24-hour emergency communication message service and emergency financial assistance from military aid societies.

 As a member of our team, you will be joining volunteers from all walks of life who have come together for one common purpose - to better the community.  Your willingness to step forward and take action has immeasurable impact. 

 The Fort Carson Station has five volunteer program categories:

  1. General Volunteers - are the folks who are the extra pair of hands to assist American Red Cross office and/or departments within Evans Army Community Hospital.
  1. Professional Volunteers - are licensed professionals (doctors, nurses, dentist, attorney, social workers) who would like to keep current in their field, but as a volunteer at Evans Army Community Hospital.
  1. Community Outreach Volunteers – serve to support the military community and their families through special events and/or educating the community by conducting briefings and/or information/community fairs. 
  1. Leadership Volunteers – are volunteers who assist the Red Cross expand program services by helping with the process of recruiting, training and developing other volunteers and/or coordinate special projects.
  2. Youth Volunteers – see “Summer Youth Program”

 In- Processing for Adult Volunteers:

1.  Complete online volunteer application on Volunteer Connection by clicking here.

2.  Complete a placement interview with Station staff

3.  Successfully complete required background checks

4.  Attend Red Cross Orientation

5.  Complete all military requirements and documentation. 

** Requirements can vary depending on volunteer location and duties to include  

    a hospital orientation, a government background check, credentialing and

    updating shot records.

6.  Introduction to area of placement

Visit or call the Fort Carson Station for more information on how to become a volunteer.


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