Emergency Communication Message

Call our 24/7 call center at 1-877-272-7337       

The Red Cross defines an emergency as a sudden, generally unexpected, occurrence of a time-critical and short term nature that disrupts or threatens to disrupt the norm and that demands immediate action or attention.   The purpose of Red Cross communications is to provide service members and their commands with complete, accurate, and verified information describing the factual circumstances of a family emergency with the intent to assist command in making leave decisions.  

 Typical messages may deal with

—Serious Illness and/or surgery


—Service is provided around the clock around the world

—Birth (expected dated for R&R / announcements after delivery / webcam)

—Leave Extensions

—Personal Nature (i.e. financial matters, breakdown in child care)


To expedite message delivery, please provide the following information:

                                                      Service Member’s Full Name
                           Rank and Social Security Number (only last four is called out)
                                                  Branch of Service and Duty Status
                                              Military Unit Information and Location

Be prepared to provide the name and phone number of the person or agency who can provide appropriate verification.  It is extremely helpful to provide the medical facility with an authorization to release medical information to the Red Cross.


Need to take a follow-up survey for a recent emergency communication?
Please see this link and use survey code (chapter code) 06802:


Emergency Financial Assistance

During normal duty hours, Service Members or family members should contact their unit Command Financial Specialists for possible assistance from Army Emergency Relief (AER).  The American Red Cross assists the Aids Societies by providing access to financial support after normal duty hours, weekends and holidays.  “After-duty-hours” call 1-877-272-7337

Disaster Relief Assistance

When a disaster occurs, soldiers and their families affected by the disaster are eligible to apply for disaster relief assistance from the American Red Cross. Disaster relief assistance is always provided as an outright grant.  For help, contact the Pikes Peak Chapter at 719-632-3563 (24/7).


Casualty Travel Assistance Program (CTAP)

CTAP can provide travel assistance to families of service members killed or injured in the CENTCOM Area of Responsibility.  Funds assist up to two immediate or undeclared family members to travel to the funeral or memorial service of a service member.  Or when there is a medical need for family to travel to the bedside of an injured service member hospitalized in CONUS or a U.S. territory, the Red Cross can assist when the military has declined to issue Invitational Travel Orders. CTAP is a grant-funded program carried out by Red Cross chapters in the family member’s local community, during business hours.   For more information on CTAP contact the Pikes Peak Chapter at 719-632-3563.

***   Referrals are made to other agencies when Red Cross is unable to assist  ***



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