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Diagnostic and Fluoroscopy Services
Scheduling number: 719-526-7300

At Evans Army Community Hospital we offer a wide variety of diagnostic radiology services.  These services range from simple x-rays of the bones and soft tissue to fluoroscopy of the digestive tract.

What is Fluoroscopy?  
Fluoroscopy is a technique used to obtain "live" images of a patient.  Most often it is for observation of the digestive tract (upper GI, barium swallow, barium enema). Fluoroscopy
How do I prepare for my fluoroscopy procedure?
Below are some of the exams performed here and their required preparation.  It's very important that the preparation instructions be followed prior to the exam.  If the instructions are not followed then the exam will be of little diagnostic value and/or it might need to be rescheduled.  If your exam is not listed then please contact us at 719-526-7300 for guidance.
Upper GI

No food after 7:00PM the day prior to your exam.  Nothing to drink after midnight the day prior to your exam.  No smoking or chewing gum the morning of your exam.

Barium Enema (BE)

The prep for a BE begins 3 days prior to the exam.  Do not eat or drink whole milk, fried foods, raw fruits or vegetables, meat or poultry products, rich foods, nuts, whole grain breads or cereals.  Begin the prep kit as instructed when you scheduled your exam.

It is very important that you inform the Radiology Department if you are allergic to iodine or are a diabetic on Glucophage or Glucovane.  Begin your prep kit as instructed when you scheduled your procedure.  You DO NOT take the suppository that is in the prep kit.  It can be discarded.

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Last Modified 21 April, 2016