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Can I bring my child to my Radiology Appointment?
No.  Due to the ionizing radiation used in some exams, we suggest you try to find other accommodations for your children during your appointment time.
Who will contact me with the results of my exam?
The physician that ordered your exam should contact you with the results if you haven't already scheduled a follow up appointment with them.
How long does it take for my doctor to get the results of my exam?
The doctor that ordered the exam will normally have results within 48 hours of your exam's completion.  If they have not received the results please contact us at 719-526-7300.
Can the Radiology department create a CD of my exams for me?
No.  The Correspondence/Release of Information section in the Soldier Family Care Center (SFCC) is responsible for creating any copies of records or images on CD that the patient requires.
Where do I pick up a CD of my exams for my doctor's appointment?
A CD of your exams should be requested from the Correspondence/Release of Information section (rm # 1500) which is located in the new Soldier Family Care Center (SFCC) on the east side of the main hospital.  The CD requires at least 48 hours to generate and requires that you fill out DD Form 2870.  You can download that form by clicking on this link

You can also submit a request for your CD of images online (via email).  Instructions for this procedure can be found here.  You are still required to pick them up in person and present a valid photo ID.

A map showing the location of the SFCC can be found here.  Patients should park in parking lot G for easier access to Correspondence.
I was in the ER and they sent my CD to another hospital.  Can't I just go back to the Radiology Department for another CD?
In cases of emergencies where a patient is transferred to another hospital the Radiology Department has to generate emergency copies to help with the patient's diagnosis.  In non-emergency cases where a patient transfer is not involved then the Correspondence/Release of Information section is responsible for generating copies of the CD/films.
Where should I park when visiting Radiology or the SFCC?
A map showing the location of Radiology, the SFCC and the parking areas can be found here.  If you're visiting Radiology the closest parking lot is parking lot F.  If you're visiting the SFCC the closest parking lot is parking lot G.
How do I give a staff member kudos?  How do I make suggestions?
You can click on the link to the left labeled ICE (Interactive Customer Evaluation).  That will bring up another window linked directly to the Radiology customer satisfaction survey.  You can also just click on this link.

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