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Fort Carson MEDDAC In-processing

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Here is Relocation Information from Army Community Service.
Also see the
City of Colorado Springs. Medical Company Formation, Change of Command Ceremony (COL Bradshaw to COL McGaha), 12 July 2001
Evans US Army Hospital is part of the Fort Carson Medical Department Activity (MEDDAC) of the US Army Medical Command. The hospital is Building 7500 at 1650 Cochrane Circle, near the intersection of Titus Boulevard and Harr Avenue, Fort Carson, Colorado 80913.

Colorado Springs Airport



Right: Colorado Springs Airport. Fort Carson is located 70 miles south of Denver on Interstate 25 (Exit 135), and 5 miles south of Colorado Springs on Route 115. The Colorado Springs Airport is located ten miles northeast of Fort Carson.


Click for Detailed MapLeft: Map of Fort Carson. Click on the image for more detail.
To travel to Fort Carson from the Colorado Springs Airport, follow the Airport Exit Road, which is Milton E. Proby Parkway. The name of the road changes to Drennan Road. Turn left (south) on Academy Boulevard (Route 83). Stay on Academy Boulevard until it curves to the west and intersects Route 115. Go left (south) on Route 115 about two miles, and turn left to enter the Fort Carson main gate (Gate 1). Personnel without a military vehicle decal must obtain a temporary post pass at this gate. Follow the signs to the USO at the corner of Wetzel and Ellis.


Colorado Inn Guest HouseLeft: Fort Carson's Colorado Inn Guest House, Building 7301, on Woodfill Road.
To make a guest house reservation call 526-4832, or call the Army Lodging Central Reservation Center, telephone 866-363-5771 (toll free). For other local accommodations, try the Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Colorado Inn Guest House Right: Entrance to the Colorado Inn Guest House.
For more information about post housing, see Residential Community Initiative (RCI). RCI has privatized post housing, renovated existing housing, and built new housing on post. Read more about the US Army Residential Communities Initiative.

Post In-processing

Fort Carson USOLeft: Fort Carson USO, Building 1218, at the southeast corner of Wetzel Avenue and Ellis Street.
For Fort Carson In-processing, report to Building 1218, Room 136, during normal duty hours. After normal duty hours and on weekends, report to the US Army Replacement Detachment in Building 1013, and sign in with the CQ. You will receive an in-processing appointment after signing in.


Sign In

Evans Hospital East EntranceAlso sign in at MEDDAC HR. If you arrive after normal duty hours, sign in with the duty officer (AOD) on the ground floor at the east end of the hospital, telephone 526-7001.
Right: The east entrance of Evans US Army Community Hospital.

Professional Credentials

The Credentials Office has the provider's credentials file forwarded from the last duty station, and is responsible for verifying professional degrees and licensure.

Newcomer Orientation

The Newcomer Orientation Briefing is presented each month. Contact MEDDAC S2/S3 for details.

Evans US Army Hospital on 18 November 2001

Evans Army Hospital from Highway 115 on 18 Nov 2001

Evans US Army Hospital on 10 November 2007

Evans Army Hospital from Cheyenne Mountain State Park on 10 Nov 2007 (Photos by Paul Webber)

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