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 Case Management - Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will I be case managed??                    
Some persons require help for extended periods of time, even for life.  Many persons however, will not need help once they have achieved their goals.  These goals are the ones you set with your case management team.  Services are stopped when you and the team decide they are no longer necessary and/or helpful.  Case management can be restarted at a later time if needed

What will this cost me?                                                                                                                                 
Case management services are a benefit service of the hospital.  There is no additional charge and no billing of your insurance for this service.

Will my provider be informed of these plans and services?                    
Yes, your doctor or nurse is part of the team who helps you make decisions about planning your needs.  The provider and you have the final say regarding any and all care you will receive.

Case Management Services

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