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Have a question for the MEB Section? Just wanting to know a specific detail of how the system works?  This page was created to send in your questions for the MEB Section at Evans Army Community Hospital.  Feel free to ask any general Disability Evaluation System question.  Unfortunately, we CANNOT answer questions, specific to your case, on this site such as:
-"I turned in my profile 3 weeks ago, where am I in the system"

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Q.  Do I have a choice in where I file the VA claim? I would like to file with my home state Veterans Service Rep vs. the accelerated pilot program.   -12APR2010

A.  No, you do not have a choice as to how your VA claim is filed.  Fort Carson only processes MEB cases through the DES Pilot Program.  The only advantage to skipping the DES Pilot, if possible, would be that you would process out faster if found unfit.  You would then have to wait approximately 6-18 months to get your VA rating decision prior to starting to collect VA compensation.
Under the new DES Pilot program, you will collect VA compensation approximately on the first day after the first full month of discharge.

Q.  I have a 3 under the temporary P and L of my profile? Can I initiate an MEB?

A.  Your profile must state "requires MEB" in order to be considered for entry into the Physical Disability Evaluation System (DES Pilot/MEB).  Please review profiling requirements here: Writing DES Pilot Profiles

Q.  What will happen to a Soldier who has been diagnosed with diabetes and has over 15 years in service? -04MAR2010

A.  Just like with any other condition, if the PCM or specialist believes he/she falls below retention standards, a MEB may be initiated.  The biggest factor in the determination will be the severity of the condition.  Please review our COAD/COAR FAQ for more information on continuing on active duty with more than 15 and less than 20 years time in service. 

Q.  I was on a T-3 Profile from the time I got  ********* back in *******. I had **** in January.  My profile went from a T-3 to a T-2. I go for my evaluation in ******* for a P-2 profile. Can a 1SG MED-Board you?   -04MAR2010

A.  The simple answer is that the only people that can actually initiate you into the MEB process are the MEB Providers.  Regulations do allow for "Command Directed Fitness For Duty Exams".  In the case that your commander believes you are not fit for duty even though you will have a T-2, they can force you to go to your PCM.  The PCM will then make a decision as to whether they believe you fall below Army retention standards for continued service.  If the PCM does believe you fall below retention standards, the PCM will then write you a temporary profile recommending MEB.  See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.  Forced Fitness For Duty exams are most frequently requested by Commanders who believe one of their Soldiers may have an underlying/untreated mental health condition.

Q.  Can you request for your medical provider to start the MEB process? What info would they need?  -03MAR2010

A.  You could theoretically request your provider to create a profile recommending a MEB.  However, ultimately, the provider must identify a condition that falls below retention standards to create a profile that initiates the MEB.  For instruction on creating a profile, here is the link to the guidance for your provider:
Writing MEB (DES Pilot) Profiles

Another thing to keep in mind is that it would be inappropriate for a MEB to be initiated if "Optimum Medical Benefit" has not been reached.

Q.  I was wondering. My primary care is considering a MEB in six months if my ******* isn't any better. I have ************ and ************. My chiropractor said that I also have *********** but I don't know if that is true. I was wondering as I can't wear gear cause it hurts my back what kind of rating I would be looking at for the problem area. Also I have chronic ******** in my ******** and ***********. What all is considered and looked at during a PEB is my question. Will they look at my ******** injury and ******** and my *********** or will have i have to go to the VA to get that done? Any answers would get greatly appreciate. Thanks.  -03MAR2010

A.  As PEBLOs, we are not medical providers and cannot speculate as to what rating you would receive for your problem area. The VA Disability Rating Activity Site (DRAS) will determine the appropriate rating for your conditions in accordance with the VASRD. 
The DRAS/PEB will determine your rating and disposition. Your additional questions are complicated in nature. When you go through the Fort Carson DES Pilot (MEB), all medical conditions will be addressed. Please review this page for clarity on our process:
DES Pilot Homepage


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