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Behavioral Health Resiliency Campus

(BH Multi-Disciplinary Team)

Mountain Post Behavioral Health Clinic
6541 Specker Road, building 1830
Fort Carson, Colorado 80913

Business hours
Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m.
Closed on Federal Holidays and Selected Training Holidays

Contact information
Phone: 719-526-7155/7661/7662
FAX: 719-503-7884

The Behavioral Health Resiliency Campus is located at the Mountain Post Behavioral Health Clinic (building 1830) on Specker Avenue just north of Iron Horse Sports & Fitness Center (building 1925).Turn right onto Prussman Avenue, the clinic parking lot entrance is on the right.

The Behavioral Health Resiliency Campus delivers patient-centered care to active duty military personnel. The Mountain Post Behavioral Health Clinic provides appointment and walk-in services to active duty personnel who are assigned to the catchment area. The clinic assures evidence-based treatment and interventions are utilized, and that they are delivered by highly trained multidisciplinary staff. The clinic is wellness-oriented and provides primary and secondary level of care with the goal of returning military members back to service.

Primary Services
• Psychotherapy/Psychological Counseling
• Psychiatric Services
• Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital Referrals
• Crisis Intervention
• Medication Management
• Psychological Testing Services
• Urgent Walk-in Services
• Specialty School Evaluations
• Sleep Study Clinic
• Clinical Case Management Activities
• Consultation Services
• Fitness for Duty/Retention Exams
• Off-post Referrals
• Chapter Processing

Who can be seen here?
Active Duty Military; National Guard and Reservists on orders.

Walk-in Services
Urgent walk-ins.

Commonly asked Questions and Answers
Where do I go if the clinic is closed and I have an emergency?
Evans Army Community Hospital Emergency Department is open after business hours, week-ends, and on holidays. A behavioral health provider is on-call during these periods.

Do you do evaluations for Recruiting and Drill Instructor Schools?
Yes. Evaluations are done by appointment only.

Can I receive my behavioral health records?
Yes, but the request must be made in writing through the Patient Administrative Division at EACH. Record requests require a Release of Information (ROI) form be completed that specifies what records are needed and over what period of time they should be gathered.

If you are in crisis, please do not hesitate to seek assistance from local emergency services (Call 911). Of course, you can always access our clinic, or if after hours, go to the EACH Emergency Department for care.

Click here to access the Fort Carson "REQUEST FOR BEHAVIORAL HEALTH EVALUATION"


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